Dear Younger Me…

Love this song by MercyMe. Catchy tune. Great words. Talks about going back to tell Younger Me what to change. Before it happened. Before the pain. Before the hurt. But would we? Would you? I’m not sure I would. If I had the chance. What we go through. What we experience. Makes us who we are. And often it’s the most painful moments that we learn the most from. Kinda like touching the hot stove. Get burned. Learn. To not do that again. What if you had every painful. Hurtful. Experience. Removed from your life. Gone. The entire memory gone. Also gone would be what you learned through it. How you became better. How you learned “don’t touch the hot stove” during those times. How would we be different? Hard to know for sure. But we would be different. And maybe not all good.

Did you ever see the movie Back to the Future? Remember how much things changed when a few things were altered during Marty’s time travel. Up to the point that Marty wasn’t going to be around. Because one little change meant his parents didn’t get together.

So maybe the best thing is rather than wishing we could go back and change things in our life. Be able to tell our Younger Me not to make those mistakes. Tell the younger people around us. Help them “learn from our mistakes”. Not only what mistakes we made that they should avoid – but teach them the lessons we learned from those mistakes. Then. Just maybe. We all win.

Listen. Here. ➡️ ➡️ Dear Younger Me

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