God – if you put me…

Yesterday while Debbie and I were listening to some Christian programming – we heard this said – “God, if you put me in this situation, there must be more to me than I think there is.”

Once again, said another way. God will never put us in something that is beyond what we can handle. Often, while in the middle of it, we don’t see that. I don’t see that. You don’t see that. Yes, when it feels like there is no hope. No way out. It’s easy to get discouraged. And Satan cheers. Satan loves discouragement. Satan loves hearing us talk about giving up. Then, Satan wins. And he smiles.

But we have better. We have Jesus. We have the knowledge that He will never give us too much. AND, He is beside us the whole journey. Loving. Supporting. Caring.

So when your journey seems too much. When my cancer seems too much. Turn deeper to Jesus. Thank Him for all He does. For you. For me. For us.

Real pain. Real struggles. Real hurt. But NEVER more than we can handle. Never more than we can survive.

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