Rocky…Rocky Balboa

Let’s see a show of hands. Who remembers the Rocky movies? Especially the first? Here’s a fighter. A relatively ordinary fighter. Except. He didn’t let the punches get to him. He saw the goal. The target. And he continued toward it. Blow after blow he absorbed. But he kept moving forward.

Anyone feel like that some days? Some weeks? Some years? Face one side of the ring – Dr: “Jim we see some things we don’t like, I’m going to order a new PET scan”. Body blow. Turn the other direction – Dr: “Jim, you have a blockage that will require outpatient surgery to resolve”. Body blow. Seeking relief – turn to face a new direction. Debbie: “Jim, my Dr just called and confirmed I have Multiple Myeloma”. Body punch. Where to I go next. Where do I turn to avoid the barrage of punches. Look to your “corner”. Your team. My team. Is there. Waiting to patch the cuts. Waiting to provide the refreshing water. Waiting to encourage. Your team. My team. Jesus. Family. Friends. All there. In my corner. In your corner.

So why fight alone. When we don’t have to. The random text of encouragement from a friend. The random verse sent. The random expression of love from a family member. Wait. Not random. Purpose. To help. To encourage.

We are not meant to battle alone. So don’t. Lean into Jesus. Sag comfortably into the arms of a friend. Let the family memories you have strengthen.

You can do it. I can do it. We can do it.

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