Light beats darkness…

Today, Debbie & I will be heading to a Michael W Smith event at The Cove. The Cove is in a beautiful mountain setting at Billy Graham’s place near Asheville, NC. The event is very intimate, with only 300-350 people. So refreshing. We have been other times and leave refreshed and so much more in love with Jesus. Note: one year we were in a newlywed game with Michael W, his wife, Shannon Bream (of Fox News), her husband, and one other couple. We lost by one point to Shannon and her husband. Lol

Anyway, as we approach, this was posted on Michael’s FB page.

So much truth in that verse. No matter how dark our world appears as we go through our journey, The Light shines. Even the darkest of nights cannot contain it. We need to always remember that. Thirteen words to add to our memory. Always there to recall when we need it. When life seems to be going south. Look. Maybe a different direction. Maybe a different focus. But The Light is there. Always there!!

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