When God touches…

Early morning flight to Nashville this morning, for the annual fundraiser for a Michael W Smith youth ministry we heavily support. #Rocketown

I intended to write my blog on the flight. Didn’t. Then I thought I’d do it during lunch. Didn’t. Later I found out why.

We had a little time so we decided to run by “Antique Archaeology” the store that the American Pickers has in Nashville. Pulled into one of the parking lots across the street. Walked up to pay. The young man running the lot says “what does your hat say?” I lean forward slightly and respond “It says MyStoryForHisGlory. I designed it. It’s my theme as I battle cancer. I plan on giving Jesus the glory for everything.” He says “Can I ask your name, I’d like to pray for you”. WoW. Unbelievable.

We went in. Looked around. Bought a few items. Headed to the car. We waved as we walked by. He came rushing out. He said “I hope you don’t mind, but I wrote you a little note to encourage you.” Mind?? Tears as I read it later.

Just when we need it. Exactly. When. We. Need. It. Jesus comes through. The tears that flowed today washed away yesterday’s sadness. And Jesus shone through. Showed who He is.

M and I bonded. Because we both know Jesus. Because we both love Jesus. And because of that in common, M cares about me. I promised to stay in touch as he asked, so his prayers will be as current as possible.

Thank you M!!!

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