Scan day…

Today is PSMA PET scan day. This is a scan that uses “targeted tracers” to located everywhere my cancer has spread to. This will help guide treatment after my present round of Chemo is completed (Round 5/6 one week from today). Help decide will there be a substantial break from Chemo or will round 2 be needed sooner than expected. Knowing is intimidating but also a good thing. The continual evolving of my ongoing treatment to meet what works best for me is crucial. I have this scan today, an outpatient surgery next Tuesday to relieve a blockage that has developed, then next Thursday my next round of Chemo. Alongside that, Debbie has a PET scan next Tuesday, an MRI next Wednesday, and a Bone Marrow biopsy next Thursday. We have quite the busy medical week and ask for your prayers through this.

Debbie and I both continue to lean heavily into Jesus, family and friends. We know if any of those were removed our journeys would be very different.

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