Well…that wasn’t good…

Yesterday. My PSMA PET scan took place. Injected with a Radioactive liquid. Purpose. More accurately “trace” my Prostate Cancer and where the tumors, lesions and nodules have migrated. The results where not what I was hoping for. The scan confirmed that my cancer has spread and still believes it can win this battle. This war. But my cancer is deceiving itself. No matter what. No. Matter. What. – – – My God. My Jesus. Will prove victorious. All this means is the battle will continue to be waged. For the time being. My Oncologist said this scan pretty much confirms that I will qualify for a newer treatment. One that has shown substantial success in extending lives of patients with the type of Prostate Cancer I have. Praise God!! There will be no give up. No back down – For Debbie & I. Our Jesus. Our family. Our friends. Provide too strong of a support network for that.

My “walk beside” sister, Sandi. The person who, other than Debbie, has been with me, hand in hand & heart in heart, through this journey sent this amazing video to me this morning. As we wait on God. And His power. And sometimes wonder why we have to wait. Please watch. My family “has my back”, my friends “have my back”, and most of all My God “has my back”.

Listen/watch ➡️➡️➡️ Why are we instructed to wait

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